Adidas has always stood as an exemplary pillar of justice in the sneaker and sporting world. Their refusal to use child labour coupled with efficient German performance based production has made the brand the number one athletic choice in the world. Nike who’s gross turnover is admittedly much larger than that of Adidas, still cannot match the amount of athletes and events which are endorsed by Adidas.

Nike have also in many respects copied Adidas’s business model, endorsing big athletes and buying out the competition, with Converse and Starter now being owned by Nike while Adidas bought Reebok quite a few years back.

The key selling point for Nike has been elevated prices, expensive technological styles (air max/360/Shox), taking advantage of retroism to the point of madness and pioneering Sport focused Womens trainers, Nike SB and 6.0. This was done through huge marketing deals with the likes of Footlocker, Athletes Foot and Foot Action where Nike sold huge and discounted wholesale orders in turn for a lot of middle-market advertising and endorsement.

Adidas Originals and Consortium have shown that Adidas can definitely compete on the retro and special/limited edition fronts. Adidas have even opened up a premier account with JD sports meaning Adidas Originals are sold in the most bog standard of trainer-marts up and down the country. These JD sports releases are usually re-branded versions emblazoned with huge Adidas logos or slogans to appease the hordes of gaudy brand name obsessed Scallies, Pikeys, Chavs and unfortunate sale rack shoppers.ADIDAS in big =pikey sales

Yet still, Nike remains fiercely dominant in the industry grossing around 19 billion per year as opposed to Adidas’ 10.3 billion.

So as a huge Adidas fan, I can accept that maybe Adidas is a smaller player in the American market. But from where can I draw solace that Adi Dassler’s legacy will not be trampled by Nike’s thundering hooves of Uber-commercialism?

Simple tingz like.

It is their swagger. History, relevance, design, performance, style, endorsement and choice are the gems of the bounty in making a successful line of sneakers. A delectable yet distinct aroma of classiness wafts from a freshly opened electric blue treasure chest. Their majesty could have been buried for thirty years but their glory will always have remained intact, Pirates may have tried to steal their ideas and even counterfeit them but their efforts have been as futile as Keira Knightly attempting to sexually arouse a human male.


Adidas has a backlog of swashbuckling styles rivalled by no-one, from the Chile ’72’s sleek and elegant running style to the ZX series, the first “Cross Trainers”  unmatched range and style or even the Stan Smith the first properly endorsed tennis shoe…oh and yeah, the biggest selling trainer of all time.

The list goes on and on and on. So although it could be seen as retroism, the new evolutions of older Adidas trainers have always accompanied by a more modern style, a fine example is the famed Adidas Superstar (or “Shell toes” if you’re a Budweiser swigging loud mouthed American tit-wank).   

The Superstars originally were an 80s New York staple piece LL Cool J (generic) , Run DMC (no laces) and Slick Rick (fat laces), shit Rick James probably had a pair covered in cocaine and diamonds no doubt. But since the days of Jheri curls, high tops and Mullets they have changed with the times; Superstar II, Superstar half shell, NBA Superstar, Superstar LTO and most recently the Superstar Vintage and now we’ve come full circle to the Superstar 80s. Yeah, Nike, Why aren’t you doing that?

In my admittedly biased opinion, Adidas has roots which dig deep into the landscapes of fashion and Sport. During my ill fated fashion career I was frequently told by stylists there are four things which have never and will never go out of fashion:  Denim (as in jeans, not Ugg boots), T shirts, formal suits and THE RIGHT trainers.

Adidas have always been the purveyors of righteousness, as styles and fashions change some pieces become constant. Like pillars in the coliseum of swagger, Adidas bears the weight of fashion with an unfailing dedication and invincible reliability. A pillar which will stand strong and true long after the filthy heresy of the Ugg boot has deservedly been vigorously violated and left to perish in a Roman-era cobbled alley reeking of piss.

Written by Thomas the Shank Engine.

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There are many riddles, rumours and myths which circulate our society like chapsticks.

Some dubious allegations perpetrate that lil Bow wow was raped by his bodyguard in his Limousine at the age of thirteen. Another is that Scooby doo’s cousin was aptly named after the lead script writer of the show underwent a bout of fierce diarrhoea. Although these rumours emerged during our youth we fervently believe they’re true today, because if not, what else do we have to hold on to in this topsy-turvy world of intrepid lies?

Bear with me. Many people in the sneaker game are too young and/or foolish to remember the times when certain key pieces gained their critical acclaim. Any brazen Supreme wearing mock skater/semi poser/prick will tell you the Jumpan logo is the silhouette of Michael Jordan dunking.

Edit: May a crescendo of Seals sarcastically clap and bark at you for eternity if you did not know this.

The Jumpan is indeed MJ’s most famous dunk, given that its image has become a heavily marketed brand label. However those who care to indulge in their pedantic/old skool sides will see that he is wearing jogging bottoms and Air Jordan 1 KO’s in the iconic logo, both of which were banned in the NBA.

So what was old Mikey boy’s most iconic and revered career dunk and more importantly which stage of the Jordan evolutionary sneaker-line was he wearing?

The Jordan IIIs of course. These are innovation, history and beauty at one in harmony. Victoria Concordia Crescit. Tinker Hatfield you saucy bitch! (google him)

The Air Jordan III’s iconic design comes from the fact that it was a very advanced shoe for it’s time. Released in 1989 it was one of the first ever Nike trainers to exhibit “Air cushioning” or what us London “man dem” would refer to as an “air bubble.”
Do you remember how much you wanted ANY trainers with an “air bubble” in them? Well this trainer delivered that same youthful delirium to an adult market before your time.

Remember when you saw some older kid rocking some Air Maxes and he told you the air bubbles would bestow upon him the feats of the Billion dollar man? Well when adults saw Michael Jordan lift off from the free throw line and soaring majestically through the air on his scheduled flight to the 1989 Dunk Championship crown, they all came to the same beautiful harmonious conclusion:
The power of this moment was so resounding that even controversial director Spike Lee stopped crying about those  pesky White Devils coming to get him and practically came in his fucking pants. The man is yet to wear another brand of footwear since that day and has even designed the Air Jordan Spiz’ikes and Do the Right Thing IIIs.

Stylistically the Jordan III was a much lower fit and more subtle of a design compared with its two predecessors. The Jordan I being balanced but primitive and the II being more advanced but chunkier than a fat b*tch’s vomit- the IIIs alternatively were just straight sick.

A beautifully balanced shape and an athletic poise that looked sexy on the court but still stirred many a loin when worn casually. These trainers incorporated a modern and professional look attained through the use of a full leather upper devoid of perforations and rubber accents on the heel and midsole.  The famed “Elephant print” pattern adorned the toe and heel areas giving the trainer an extra bit of detail, something which ultimately became synonymous with the Jordan brand.

So yeah, They’re pretty fucking awesome. They have also now been re-released in the original white/cement/black colorway and at £99.99 really isn’t too bad considering how many clowns you see spending £150 on Ugg boots!

These trainers are the shit! I promise you, believe the childish rumours, these trainers are called “AIR” Jordans for a reason. They’ll make you run “like tief,” Jump small buildings in single bounds and make you look f*cking good while you’re doing it. No these aren’t the Jordans in the logo, they are the pair that made the logo famous.

P.S. Justin Beiber, if you’re reading, watch out next time your bodyguard follows you into a limo.

Written by Thomas the Shank Engine

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Cool grey breeze

The life of a sneaker freak/trainer collector/footwear fetishist was a sea of turmoil in the past year. Soaring prices, an over commercialised scene and the rape of retro styles has compounded the econimic crisis to leave many a footwear enthusiast helplessly quivering somewhat akin to a crackhead sans their beloved cooked cocaine.

Yes I know, it does seem rather obtuse to link crackheads to sneakerheads. Maybe I’ve lost my more easily offended audience? Fuck ‘em, for all of you who appreciate the parallel, this article is for you.

I cut a broken figure as I bustle past the usual high street benefactors of the trainer drug, but I still do tempt fate and take a gander at what the bourgeoisie are doing with my celebrated trainer scene. Alas, I see them.

The Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey is bizzack. These saucy devils tarted themselves to me from a coy cranny in Footlocker,Brixton and “Differences” by Ginuwine echoed through my very being.

cool grey sauciness

Let me be clear to you right now, King Kong ain’t got shit on these. They are the truth, Paul Pierce looks like a mother fucking liar. These are the shit ask Kanye he’ll tell you they should come with their own toilet tissue. These are the real deal Holyfield just ask…well yeah Holyfield, you get what I’m trying to say.

The Air Jordan 11 for those who don’t know, is the patent glory of the Jordan line. originally released in 1996 in the famed Chicago Bulls and Concord colorways, they then attained further acclaim from the movie Spacejam where a black/white colorway was worn by Michael Jordan as he took on the mighty Monstars. Back in the real world, His Airness wore them on his way to a 72 win season, an NBA championship and an All star game MVP trophy. Epic.

The design of the Air Jordan 11 is as iconic as it’s history. The patent around the shoe admittedly a bit too gaudy for some, really highlighted Michael Jordan’s “I’m baaaack!!” swagger after his first retirement. The “Icey” translucent sole was and is a thing of beauty and nike’s inclusion of the cryptic etchings on the tongue reading “Jumpman Jordan” really showed they thought of the fans during the design process.

The cool grey edition which has been released seems not to exhibit the inherit retardation of shoddy quality which has plagued many of Nike’s retro efforts. The stitching, sole and patent all look immaculate and the cool grey colorway really is clean enough to be worn on road without looking like space boots (see Jordans 19 & 20).

I would like to tell you these trainers are the supreme candidates for your next stylistic purchase, however there is a blemish on their C.V which cannot be ignored. Nike, as they do, have released the Air Jordan 11s at £110 each, wallet rape at it’s finest. I could spew a vicious rant at Nike’s modern lower quality/higher prices ethics but I won’t.

If you can spare £110 on a pair of trainers in the current climate, you are truly blessed and you should NOT buy these. No. You should give me, or another fellow pauper that £110 let us buy the Jordans. Matter of fact let us put some food in our fucking bellies and something potent in our Rizlas. Then we’ll see about paying for Jordans.

Anyway, my point is Nike have horribly misjudged the European market by releasing these at £110 and maybe a quasi-boycott of their  Cool Grey cash cows are the only way they’ll learn.


written by: Thomas the Shank Engine.

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The Greyss

What kicks go with most if not everything in your closet? What kicks can look cool even when they’re saying talk to me? What kicks gets away with looking as though they’ve  been through the shit and still look the shit! lol!  Well here’s a hint! ( as if i have’nt given u enough already, kmt)  They’re comfortable and  can look pretty dope depending on the person attempting to wear them. OH Yes! if you have’nt already sussed it out

couldn't care comfortably

i still dont give a `f**ks

already THE GREYS!  u guessed it! They’re actually called plimsolls  but I prefer calling them ‘the whatevers’

Although it seems like the whole of the Croydon population has invested in them (I see it all the time trust me) this does not prevent your friend or at least a  friend of a friend purchasing a pair. If they’re not on your feet they can be found  stashed somewhere in the bedroom, (one pair is in either corner of the room) in the garden, in the bathroom or basement just waiting to be cleaned OR NOT!

I have actually had mine for 2 years now and still wear them occasionally when I want to go for that “i don’t give a fuck look’, which is usually to work! (You know what im on about fix your face) Previously I was wearing my white Keds, although i still do, then The Greys came out which i must say lacks in quality so thats the reason for the two pairs. (baaaaalling! yeh rite)

Their not the greatest creps invented but i honestly feel they hold some convenience. Sort of like Vans (but a cheaper version) that you can just slip on when ur feeling lazy u know. (yeh) I know you feel the same so feel free to leave your agreed comments below! xoxo

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Hello world!

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